Don’t let your child’s health be voted away

Your vote tells leaders that you care about protecting little lungs from climate change, toxic chemicals and the air pollution that threatens the health of America’s children and grandchildren. We need YOU to challenge other moms to share why they’ll promise to vote.

Create a movement, print out our sign, and post a selfie to share why you’re inspired to vote for clean energy and our children’s health.

Share your inspiration to vote:

1. Create a personalized sign by writing what you love. Tell the world why you vote.
2. Post a selfie to your personal Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts with the hashtag #CleanAirMomsVote.
3. Share this website link with moms and parent volunteers on the ground. Encourage them to join the campaign and share their own photo.
4. Challenge other moms to post their own selfie. Empower everyone you know to protect little lungs by voting for clean energy.
5. Watch videos of more moms sharing why they promise to vote for little lungs.

As a thank you for sharing your selfie, we’ll send you a Clean Air Moms Action t-shirt! Be sure to share your photo as a public post, use #CleanAirMomsVote, and tag @MomsAction.


We need leaders that care about our children, who are committed to moving clean energy forward to reduce harmful pollution and toxic chemicals from contaminating the air we breathe.

Vote for leaders who support proposals to cut climate pollution. Together, we can protect our children’s right to clean air. Don’t let your child’s health be voted away.


Make the promise to vote to protect little lungs.