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There are many ways to interact with your members of Congress — from social media to phone calls to emails — it’s critical that you make your voice heard!

Don’t worry. There is nothing to fear about meeting with your elected official, just be yourself. They want to hear from their constituents on the issues they care about so whether it’s an in-person meeting or a phone call or email, be yourself and tell your story.

But they also want to hear from you on social media. Check out their Facebook and Twitter accounts to find anything from upcoming events to critical legislation they are leading! Social media is a great way to interact with your members from re-tweeting or re-sharing to posting your own content that tags your member. Again, your voice will go a long way.

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View, share and connect! Moms from across the country are speaking out to protect little lungs.
Watch and find out what they’re saying:

Caroline Armijo

Learn why North Carolina mom, Caroline Armijo is concerned about pollution and her children’s health and find out why the ability to vote gives her hope for solutions and change.

Amanda Lapina

Learn why Pennsylvania mom, Amanda Lapina is voting in the most important election she’s ever seen to elect a politician that stands with our children to make sure that we’re addressing the impacts of climate change.

Shaina Oliver

Learn why Colorado mom, Shaina Oliver is urging everyone to make their voices heard through voting for representatives that will represent the people, and not fossil fuel industries.

Christine Berg

Hear from Lafayette, Colorado mom and Mayor, Christine Berg on why the stakes couldn’t be higher in this election cycle, making it more important than ever that every parent vote for candidates that support clean air, clean water, and protecting our children’s health.

Julia Lam

Hear from Oakland, California mom, Julia Lam on why she’s voting and urging everyone to get your vote out and make your voice heard because so much is at stake–for our planet, for our children, for our future.

Alicia Bower

Hear from Miami mother, grandmother and business owner, Alicia Bower on why she’s concerned about kids’ health and climate change in her community and how voting gives her hope.

Ifonia Gelen

Hear from Novato, California activist, Ifonia Gelen on her connection to the earth and why voting is important to her–for our children, for our communities, and for our neighbors.

Hilda Nucete

Hear from Hilda Nucete of Colorado’s Protégete: Our Air, Our Health program on how voting works to get communities involved and allows community members to have a voice.

Pennsylvania moms

Hear Southwest Pennsylvania moms, including Patrice Tomcik, Amy Nassif, Amanda Lapina, Marsha Haley and Jane Worthington, discuss the impact that nearby fracking operations have on their communities and families’ health.

Oriana Sandoval

Hear from New Mexico mom, Oriana Sandoval on why she’s excited to vote for her son’s future.

Sister Elizabeth Riebschlaeger

Hear from Sister Elizabeth Riebschlaeger on why we better start facing the reality and take responsibility for this earth and this mess that we’re making and why she’s voting to honor her grandmother, who campaigned for women’s suffrage.

In partnership with the Climate Listening Project.

Jennifer Moeller

Hear from “fierce mama bear” and Californian, Jennifer Moeller on how her family’s experience living near the Aliso Canyon gas blowout has motivated her to vote to protect her kids’ health.

Tell your Reps: Moms are watching

Parents are powerful. When we speak up, our leaders listen. Tell Congress that you give a damn about clean air, clean water, clean energy and a safe climate.

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