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Clean Air Moms Action was all in for the 2020 elections as well as the Georgia Senate runoffs, with field organizers working in key districts to get out the vote for candidates who will fight for a healthy future for our children champions. And our moms helped lead climate champions to victory.

Explore the 2020 campaign highlights from our moms>>

Winning is great, but that’s not the only reason Clean Air Moms Action does electoral work. We do it so the climate champions we elect can pass laws to protect children’s health. The climate crisis is urgent and all our children deserve to breathe clean air.

With a pro-climate majority in both houses of Congress and the Biden administration poised to take bold action on climate, clean energy and pollution, 2021 is our Year of Action.

We are expanding our advocacy in a big way this year. Climate change and environmental justice are  “all-government” priorities, and every federal agency and bill must be part of the solution. Our voices are needed in every room where our government is making decisions. Clean Air Moms Action will keep you informed about legislation where YOU can take action to be an advocate for children’s health.

Will you join us?

Our greatest strength is our collective voice advocating for a clean and healthy future for our children. Sign up here to join a network of parents committed to holding elected leaders accountable for putting forth solutions that deliver clean air and a safe climate for our kids.

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